BP Oil Spill Court Supervised Settlement Program

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Our CPA firm is working with the Beasley Allen Law firm in Alabama that was appointed to the steering committee that put together the class-action suit related to the 2010 BP oil spill. A member of the law firm was appointed to put together the Economic Model for the settlement.

We are currently preparing analysis for many of our clients to determine if they qualify which is the first step in possibly pursuing a claim. Many businesses in the Tampa Bay area are probably eligible and not realize it.
If you have financial information available for your business we can probably prepare the necessary paperwork to determine if
your business meets the conditions that qualifies for the class-action settlement.

In most cases we can prepare the necessary financial data FREE OF CHARGE to determine eligibility regardless whether your business qualifies or not for the settlement.

Even though the West Coast of Florida is not eligible for as large multipliers for its losses as Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi many business (including small businesses) still qualify and can receive awards.

We will be glad to further discuss the possibility of us helping claim any monies that you may be entitled to. The class action suit began receiving claims in June 2012 and is set to conclude in April 2014.

We will be glad to set up an appointment with you to discuss the possibilities for your business or any other accounting, tax and consulting work you may need.

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