Free 2011 Tax Organizer Worksheet

Simplify the Process of putting together your Tax Information and Minimize Omissions.

Download this Free Tax Organizer Worksheet to help compile all the information you will need before meeting with your Certified Public Accountant.

The worksheet and questionnaire includes questions to make sure you do not forget possible deductions.  For example:

  • Did you make major purchases during the year (cars, boats)
  • Did you pay any student loans this year?
  • Did you pay for child care while you worked or looked for work?
  • Did you incur any non-business bad debt this year?

This year we are providing a full comprehensive 2011 worksheet and questionnaire. This is a 50 page PDF file.

There is also a basic form that is a little easier to complete but it does not include all possibilities including business, rental property, etc.

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